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Interview with 

Christine Priester-Simmons

Why did you open Priester Pies?

I opened this pie business because friends and family loved when I came over bearing sweet treats, so I figured why not start a business doing what I loved.  

How did you pick the flavors for your pies?

Well, sweet potato is my favorite so I had to have that.  And all my friends love fruit pies, and I love seeing their smiles so I had to include a variety of fruit pies, especially with all of the awesome local produce around us here in South Carolina!  The Apple Jelly Cake is an homage to my mother who would make this cake for every special occasion. 

What makes YOUR pies special? 

All of my pies are made with love, and care, with a focus on excellence and attention to detail. 


What was your Mom's best baking advice?

That when you bake with love you don’t really have to measure, you add in what feels right. It might be slightly different but it will always taste the same.   She also taught me to follow my heart, even in your baking.

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